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For those of you who are new here, and those who have had experiences with some of the groups and organizations here which have been less than satisfactory, I now make the following statements:

I make no claim as to any group's intentions or their character. I do not even claim that what each group has stated in their description is the truth. I have had experience with many of them. I have had wonderful times, but I have also removed groups who have proven beyond doubt that they did not belong here. However, my perception will almost certainly not be the same as yours. I am not you. We have different life experiences, different things we are trying to learn, different things to teach.

I cannot, and will not ever, tell you which of these people listed here are suited to your needs. I cannot tell you anything about them, outside of these facts:

Some of the groups listed on the groups page may not exist anymore. I only find out those things when someone emails me to tell me about it. Most groups are more than happy to tell me they exist. Very few (there have been some, bless their hearts) bother to announce their own disbanding.

In short, this website exists to help you search. It is not the end of your search. Your job is to use information you have gained here and elsewhere, evaluate your findings, and decide what is best for you. That is the nature of things. I wish you well and I will do what I can, but I do not walk your path. That, you must do alone.

May your road be in the sun and your journey teach you what you need.