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Essays, term papers, articles and rants by members of the Wisconsin alternative spiritual community.

It's pretty sparse right now, but the content is pretty high. :-)

To submit something for this page, email the article to me. I reserve the right to refuse to publish any article that I deem inappropriate.

OnSite Articles
The following people have consented to have their work published in Spirit Pathways.

Dale Ivarie
Names and Naming
Twelve Questions for Pagans
Who Are Your Gods
Al Seeger
A Definition of Gnosticism
Poetry: Woton's Warrior Women
The Day of the Lord
The Legend of the Five Suns
Themes of the Day of the LORD
Lady Lee
Healing By The Touch Of The Goddess
Abuse Crosses All Boundaries
Andy Sampson
Misconceptions of Paganism
A Perspective on Tolerance

Journeys & Chelsea
   This one is a classic. :-)

Newspaper Articles
Wiccans in the Military
Wisconsin State Journal, Thursday, May 13, 1999
NOTE: I was going to gather more news articles on this topic, but I think it's more appropriate to steer you to Circle Sanctuary's Lady Liberty League, where dozens of articles are listed pertaining to this subject. I think the article above is what started it all. Now, of course, it's a national controversy and the LLL is right on top of it.
Witch Central
From Isthmus
The story of how Tenaya Darlington finds the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess headquarters a few blocks from her home.

Off-Site Articles
The following were written by Wisconsin pagans and are published in websites other than Spirit Pathways. Following these links will take you to another site. If you feel like coming back, use your browsers back button to return to this page.

Fire Rituals
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