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The Spirit Pathways Guestbook, 2000

This is the archive of the entries to Wisconsin Spirit Pathways' guestbook for 2000. You are welcome to add to the guestbook, but be aware that your entry will be posted to the current guestbook, not this one.
(Also note that I don't check links for these pages. It is quite possible that many links on this page no longer work. Since this is an archive, I do not keep it updated as I try to do with the rest of Spirit Pathways.)

Merry meet! I am starting a private community for the witches of northern wisconsin which is called Silver Circle Chat Coven. The goal of this community is to increase education and communication amoung the witches of northern wisconsin. It is a wounderful site that can be added to by its member. It has a chat room, web links, item reviews, events calender, a place to post questions and get answers, and much more. It is my hope to bring together witches in northern wisconsin to increase our unity and strength. If you are interested please send an email to the address listed above, including a brief discription of yourself and interests along with a name you wish to be called by. I look forward to hearing from you. Blessed be!
SilverCat <>
Eau Claire, WI USA - 02:00:49 12/28/2000
I'm glad I found this sight. Finally, I have a way to find out what's going on around me. Thanks for putting this all together for everyone.
Tirilynn <>
Madison, WI USA - 17:33:19 12/26/2000
I have technology at my fingertips once again and have been checking on how the growth of the community. I'm pleased to see our grove fill with trees.
JulieAnne Westegaard *Jules* <>
USA - 09:47:19 12/20/2000
hey...i'm a 17 yr. old from hawaii and i've always been interested in this stuff but never really tried it...i was thinking of starting but don't know what to do. i had a friend who was TOTALLY into this, but she moved. we tried doing a levetation spell once, and it kinda worked. i was wondering if anyone has one like it!?! please let me know!
K <>
USA - 01:35:52 12/14/2000
Hello. I am a 19 year old solitary witch looking for someone who can help me along my path. It would be nice to meet other people who I could help me learn more and talk about beliefs and/or practice. :)
Azaelia <>
Stevens Point, WI USA - 17:44:33 12/07/2000
Trying to continue Link Building from Saint John Pagan'S too the World.... <>
Saint John, NB Canada - 09:45:58 12/06/2000
The site is wonderful, but to tell the truth I am asking for help with my e-mail list "Spiritual Discussions", which has been running for a year. It presents information sharing in a positive forum about aspects of Wicca, Spiritualism, divination, mediumship, and healing among other such topics and does not promote organized religion. For those interested, one can send in their request to: (as written). Any help concerning other message boards and/or ideas on promoting the list would be greatly appreciated. Love and Light, Deb
Deb <>
USA - 14:37:41 12/05/2000
May the godess and god bless you all
Cocoa Beach, Fl USA - 14:03:14 12/04/2000
Thanx for the help. I'm 17 and a solitary wiccan seeking guidance.
Justin <>
USA - 22:45:26 11/27/2000
Felicitations, I am a witch, and I wish to meet other witches all over the world, to swap spells and such like. Email me if you can. Forever yours!
Lucretia, the dark one <>
York, UK - 07:24:17 11/25/2000
i've been trying to find some spells that would work if anyone has any comments or answers please help me!
rockton, il USA - 15:08:06 11/16/2000
Merry Meet all!!! My name is Cianna and i have been practicing wicca for a few years now and I have been looking for others in the area. So far there has not been much luck but i dont give up. I hope all of you have a blessed day and life Blessed be Cianna
Cianna <>
Richmond, VA USA - 12:02:06 11/14/2000
Nasser, Ajman wild animal Trd Fax:0097167428202 If you want to buy a wild animals , please e-mail or fax ( Best regard, Nasser
nasser <>
ajman, aj UAE - 04:07:38 11/14/2000
Glad I found this place. Am still a searching Pagan and unsure if Wicca is the Pathway for me. I am very solitary. Any Pagans out there who are middle aged? You all seem to be teenaged or 20-somethings (?) Would like to know if there are more crones out there! I am 45. Blessed Be to all of us swimming against the tide.
Wyndwalkr <>
West Central, WI USA - 13:18:52 11/09/2000
Please-- I am looking for a few familiar spirits in my area in hopes of getting away for good java and enlightening chats on spirituality and experiences in the craft. I have interests in Wicca, Shamanism, Tarot, healing, and meditation. Being somewhat new to this area I thought this would be a great place to start. I know you're out there!! Blessed be*! Jenn
Jenn <>
Racine, Wi USA - 02:07:08 11/03/2000
I am 21 years old and have been studying paganism for about 8 years now. I focus on Celtic/Norse things (in the broadest sense). I am intested in meeting other pagans in the area.
Wodulf <>
Milwaukee, WI USA - 20:28:35 10/31/2000
hi im 18 year old male witch who is looking for some others to trade spells and rituals with id love to hear some ideas from others like me
nightmare <>
oil city, pa USA - 13:42:22 10/30/2000
Please visit the website of the "Alheidense Beweging" (= Allheathen Movement). It's in Dutch and deals with paganism in Belgium.
Alheidense Beweging <>
Hoeilaart, - Belgium - 07:25:52 10/30/2000
I am new solitary practitioner and very interested in shamanism. I am studying with the ninth wave sisters and I would like to know if there is any sister, brothers close to home. I am 51 yrs and a grandmother.
kalina Ma <>
Ft. Madison, Ia USA - 06:36:34 10/29/2000
Hi there. I'm new to wicca. In fact I don't know where I stand as far as faith goes. Right now I'm a christian. I feel that there is more to it than that. I would like to be a bit more informed as to what wicca is all about. I have a friend at work who is a witch and alot of what she says I agree with. I guess I just need a little more guidance and instruction. Please help me figure out what my true calling is.
lisa <>
stevens point, wi USA - 16:31:01 10/24/2000
Hello Everyone, i am 16 yrs. old and have been wiccan for about a year or so. I am looking for other wiccans to talk to. Blessed Be and Merry Meet Again!
FireStar <>
Taylors Falls, MN USA - 19:44:51 10/23/2000
Darkness and light meet in union, spiraling upward into the universe. As one they form moral codes, and facilitate the breaking of them. *Healer in Richmond, Kentucky, thinking of moving to Louisville for better work opportunities. I was born with power (for lack of a better word), but have only shortly searched for knowledge of The Craft. I'd love to know Others in my area! Peace be with you.
Ambrozia <>
USA - 21:45:07 10/18/2000
Dan, maybe even you can help me? I am a solitary eclectic Wiccan and have been since birth.I live just south of Waupaca in a beautiful natural area. I'd love to chat or get to know some like-minded, spirited, hearted pagans in this area. GODDESS SISTERZ and WISE WOMBYN where can I fly around here to find you? HELP! This search for you individuals is getting to be a drag! I also make a great friend.
Brandubh <>
Waupaca, WI USA - 19:32:42 10/18/2000
Two twisted souls dance with desire! love this! Beyond this steaming moment Consciousness soft and warm Mind and desire suspended Always gently transformed Delicious sounds extended firmly Thoughts of continuos chortle A moment purring in time Cannot be stilled by past loves email me and we'll do poetry!
Mistress Gwenivere <>
USA - 12:48:49 10/11/2000
FaerieStone, I was here. May our paths continue to meet often.
You know who
USA - 17:59:05 10/06/2000
I am part of a small group of druids who intend to take over the world by the turn of the new year!!!
Demonseed <>
Blackpool, England - 11:44:14 9/28/2000
Merry Meet/ Merry Part & Merry Meet Again. so glad to know we are growing.
metamorphois <>
USA - 19:30:59 9/25/2000
Just in case you didn't realise the link below is linked to my name, check out the mailing list at: Thanks!
Donna <>
USA - 12:57:13 9/21/2000
Hi, I'm looking for pagans in the Dells/Baraboo/Reedsburg area. If you're at all interested, join up to my mailing list (the link) - specifically for pagans in the above or nearby to areas. This will be a way for people in that area to get to know each other and possibly meet some day. (Hence why I'm encouraging only locals to the above area). Hope to meet a heap of people from my area soon!
Donna <>
Dellona, WI USA - 12:55:03 9/21/2000
this is a great happy tohave found this site...thanks for hving the lists
DraygnzFyre <>
WI USA - 11:36:55 9/20/2000
Great site! I had a wonderful time surfing through it. Keep up the good work
Spijder <>
Hartford, CT USA - 09:15:33 9/19/2000
Thanks for the site!!!great information. I Plan to start a web page and you will be the first place I visit...keep up the great work--thanks for being there for all of us--you made it easy to find what I needed to know...Bless be
Swamita <anitak20@Hotmail.Com>
USA - 12:47:30 9/10/2000
I found your site through a search for pagan incest survivors. You have an excellent article on healing which includes incest survivors. Since we are a third of the population (including child molestation survivors), this is everybody's problem.

I run a club on Yahoo! for Wiccan/pagan survivors and their allies, The Healing Grove as well as the website (which is looking for submissions, btw). Thank you, Dan, for your service to the community. Blessed Be, Holly
Holly <>
Berkeley, CA USA - 19:45:51 9/08/2000

i hope that pagan pride day in Madison will be listed on the calendar soon. This is where I get my information. Also, more information on tea and talk on the calendar please.
just a question
USA - 14:25:29 8/23/2000
May we all know the Love that comes from beyond the blackness and the stars
Asher J.A. Levy <>
USA - 00:31:57 8/21/2000
Darn Good site! I am looking for topics / persons re: spirit communications... I am new to wicca, but not to metaphysics... M. Smith Dan only: Under 'Add to the Gustbook' you say "Your name or handle" Handle? sounds like ur a ham radio person to me! Also, U need to do your Y2K fix, 'cause your year shows up as '100' (oops!)
M. Smith <>
USA - 17:36:15 8/20/2000

From Dan: "Handle" refers to any name that isn't the one you were born with. :-) In the early days of the internet it was commonly used, but isn't quite so common anymore. As you can probably tell from the dates in the guestbook now, I've finally gone in and applied a hack to fix the dates. To tell the truth, I wasn't all that worried about it since the only problem was in printing the year; the computers are actually handling the Y2K thing without problem but the code that typed out the year in the guestbook had a little bug. That's the price for using free stuff. Anyway, it's now fixed. I think. :-)

Blessed Be to all! I am a solitary practioner, who is believing in something homemade. So I am looking for help with my faith, I do believe in a God/Goddess balance, both Christian and Pagan. I want to appease both, and had had some success, if anyone has ideas, please contact me. I also do Tarot and Numerology, I always do my readings for free, I don't think it's right to charge for God's energy. Anyhow, if anyone is interested in a reading, or wants to share information, I would be most happy! By for now.-Branart
Andrew "Branart" L. <>
Madison, WI USA - 14:46:55 8/18/2000
MM Great site! I finnaly feel as if I have found some real help. Thanks to Dan! Love & Light to you! Shade)0(
Shade <>
Mad, Wi USA - 09:16:12 8/15/2000
Please direct me to a group I can connect with in the blessed Northwoods of WI. I am too far from all the listed activities and so far, a solitary practicioner. In this very small and tight knit community I must be discreet. Can some one guide me to like minded in my area? !B.B.!
Carmella <>
Eagle River, WI USA - 11:04:34 8/12/2000
HELP!!! 4 years a train gardenian and now question the path i'm on Looking for help on OTO and Golden Dawn Please a pen pal or a teacher teacherfor this confused witch HELP!!! BB ian
nj USA - 03:52:27 8/11/2000
I am new to this. My ex-wife, who is a witch, thought that this my be the way for me to come to terms with the things I "feel" and "see" around me. I have been reading up on Wicca, and am starting to feel more comfortable about myself and the things going on in my life. I hope to learn more as time goes on.
Bill <>
Madison, WI USA - 06:14:05 8/09/2000
Hi I'm glad I found this site, It's good to see more pagan sites. Any way I am a minister in the ulc and I am trying to start a church if you have any info E-mail me. Thank you
Gwydion <>
East providence, RI USA - 16:11:08 7/23/2000
hey dan, didnt see any info on the fall gathering at pinkys in nacedah. are you going this year?
stvns pt, USA - 14:07:31 7/17/2000
Hi, Dan. I'm new to the area. Just moved from MO. My parents are Wicca. Almost all my life I fought them and strived to be what I thought was 'normal'. In the last year I found I could no longer escape my fate. The callings were to intense. I'm happy to be where I belong. So are my parents. Great Site. Hope to hear from you.
Kaltania <>
FDL, WI USA - 13:01:57 6/28/2000
I am new to this but am trying to learn all I can and would be thank-ful for any help I can get.
tina <>
Lynnville, IN USA - 11:29:37 6/14/2000
Robert <>
Longview, TX USA - 11:56:17 6/09/2000
I chuckle at the attitude of your bear! It is a surefire sign of a loving totem who is a true teacher!:-) I had a guide like that once and learned more from the spirit world because of the challenge of earning his respect:-) (his humor helped me to become more flexible besides!) As far as the healing self first before healing not be surprised to find that healing others heals you! Huna wisdom taught me that, as I work with an energy called, in english, 'sacred light'. Since one accepts that all things are connected, when the sacred light is used to heal another it heals the healer at the same time. May your journeys be powerful, may your spirit grow strong, may you become the healer and the healed, the teacher and the student... Love and Light, SoaringHawk
SoaringHawk <>
WI USA - 16:45:53 6/08/2000
I have three animal totems,[one is Black W[olf Owl medicene Swan.Iam full blooded Apache have plenty [of visions and dreams animals storms, col[ors es[p [purple I read people very well.Auroras to and read the flames of candles ihave enormous energys very good at breaking lightbulbs and water [pipes.Anxious to hear fr[om you.
She wolf selene <www. c[om @ol Shewolf Selene>
Nederland, Tx USA - 0-1:24:28 5/26/2000
I would love to have someone to chat with via computer about this new world i have strolled into.
Hestia <>
Milwaukee, WI USA - 16:07:53 5/18/2000
I'm from the southern WI/northern IL area. I am new to Wicca and the Craft. I do not practice with a coven, yet, may be interested in the future to learn rituals, etc. I am currently a solitary Pagan with a Xtian background. I have a PO Box address for those interested: Xena F, PO Box 413, So. Beloit, IL 61080-0413.
Xena F <>
South Beloit, IL USA - 21:08:08 5/17/2000
I'm realy glad I stumbled on to you. I have been studying almost a year now and not had much luck finding other witches in my area. I'm also quite happy to see the listing of events in my area as well. I will definately visit often!
Autom <>
USA - 0-1:31:27 5/06/2000
Well, dang it all.
Looks like that server crash caused a lot more trouble than I thought. I backed up the guestbook program, but when the server crashed I replaced it with an old copy. It had a bug that didn't record the date AND it didn't send me an email to tell me somebody had made a guestbook entry. I've now replaced it with the right one, but I can't get back the dates for all these goood people. I feel mortified. Drat.
Oh, well. Things are back in order, there's some sort of lesson in all of this. :-)
Madison 2, wi USA - 19:30:21 5/04/2000
Great page Dan. Your guestbook is almost as strong a resource as the rest of your page =) I'm a rather lonely metaphysicist who has just recently moved to the Pickerel area [northeast o' antigo]. I do Reiki healings, and'm handily located within a half mile walk of the Wolf River. I'd -love- talking with anyone from the area, especially, but not limited to, attractive feminine lightworkers around the age of 17 *laugh*
Spider <>
Pickerel area, WI USA -
Hi Im new to the craft and am looking for some guidance. If anyone is in the Northern IL area please conatact me. Blessed be
Ray <>
I thank Dan & Dennis for suggesting this site. Hopefully i can attend.
cybele <>
Madison, WI USA -
I think your site is a very nice resource, it is cool you are supporting local Wisconsin pagans! Also, I LOVE the Earth is Our Mother adopt a mile campaign! That's a great idea, and very timely. May you always walk with the Old Ones! Blessings, Óđindís
Óđindís <>
My beliefs are that of your own, I began dabbling with the spirits back in highschool with a friend who was involved in Wicca down south before moving here. I never labeled myself with a religion or a name for any belief, so I am glad I was able to find this website through a friend. It helps me to better understand my beliefs and know there are others with the same visions. Now I know I am not crazy! haha Thanks Druanne!
smrobb <>
whitewater, wi USA -
merry meet i am looking for pagans or wiccans in the oshkosh area to meet,talk and learn stuff from.i am the only pagan i know and its lonely.
greenforest <>
oshkosh, wi USA -
Glad I stumbled onto your pages! Thanks! I do hope you get a chance to view my website! There are over 80 pages of thought provoking materials for the beginner to the advanced levels of Witchcraft. All ages welcome.
Sur5r <>
Lake Geneva, WI USA -
I'm looking for pagans in the Milwaukee area around the ages of 16 to 20
Red <>
Milwaukee, WI USA -
I would love to hear from pagans in the Eau Claire or Sun Prairie areas. I'm finally ready to exchange ideas.
Robyn <>
Eau Claire/Sun Prairie, WI USA -
Nice site. Hope to make many contacts with WI pagans.
Rowan Taliesin <>
Hartford, WI USA -
Just wanted you to know that I checked out your website. Really nice.
Rachelle J. Towne <>
You might want to check this link "How to Share the Gospel with Pagans" because it didn't work for me.
BiPagan <>
This has been fixed. I appreciate getting the help, especially for that link. Gwydion has asked that it not be reprinted elsewhere, and WitchVox has reorganized their site about three times in the last two years. Each time, that page moves. It's frustrating but at least it's still out there. It just has a habit of hiding every now and then.
Hi!! I don't live in Wisconsin, I'm from Iowa instead, but I am there every summer. Great page! Anyway, I am new and just looking for information. Thanx and Blessed Be. Lysa
Lysa < or>
USA - has come out! We're Pagan and Proud! We tried being middle of the road but our hearts weren't there. We expect to lose traffic, but I guess that is the price we will have to pay. Try It has Wiccan and Pagan news, graphics, games, humor and variety. Information for the curious. Tons of free stuff. A magazine with the Pagan point of view. All you have been wishing for on one site. Please add a link to us from your site. Thanks, SSanford
SSanford <>
Hi my spirit name is Page and I have heard spirits speak to me since I was 3 years old. I have been practicing the wiccan beliefs for 2 years now. I am currently serching for the other 2 people who will complete the four corners to my circle. I have so many stories and so much that I don't understand. Please e-mail me, anyone who thinks they might can help. sorry for going on and on.sincerily~Page
Page <>
LaPorte, TX USA - 19:00:40 1/10/2000
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