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The Spirit Pathways Guestbook, 1999

This is the archive of the entries to Wisconsin Spirit Pathways' guestbook for 1999. You are welcome to add to the guestbook, but be aware that your entry will be posted to the current guestbook, not this one.
(Also note that I don't check links for these pages. It is quite possible that many links on this page no longer work. Since this is an archive, I do not keep it updated as I try to do with the rest of Spirit Pathways.)

hi any witches/pagans/wiccans in waushara county?? e-mail if you or someone you know is. i'm 16 and been a witch AND wiccan for 5 years. blessed be, jeremy s
Jeremy S. <>
wautoma, WI USA - 19:49:29 12/18/99
Thanks for being there. I'm living in beautiful, supposedly spiritual Sedona, AZ. Home of mighty red rocks and beautiful skys. Lots of vortexes and maybe home to the biggest Broom Closet in the world!!! We couldn't even get it together for Goddess 2000 events! Know the pagans and Wiccans are out here - SOMEWHERE -. Came looking for RCG, so thanks for hosting that and letting us all have contact and sharing comments and space. See, no matter where you live, there is probably someplace worse. But, no matter where you go, there you are. So take HER with you and you'll never be alone! Merry part until we merry meet again!!! Morgaine
Morgaine <>
Sedona, AZ USA - 19:08:58 12/18/99
Merry Meet All! I have been living in this sewer of facist hippocrites. Paradise Tx. I moved here 3 years ago and I was moving all over the country, for 2 years before that! Well Before all of that I was living in Madison Wi. Right down the street from Lowell Elem. On the 17th of this blessed month I will be coming home. Well thanks for listening. You guys have a great page here. it has helpes keep my sanity where its supposed to be! I just wanted to share my good news. Merry Part and Blessed Be! Jamie
Jamie McNeill <Moving Have none>
Paradise, Tx USA - 14:18:27 12/14/99

It's gained a rather conservative faction in the last few years, Jamie, and they ain't getting any weaker so don't expect exactly the same place you left all those years ago - especially if you don't care for new construction sites. :-) But we're all glad to have you coming back home.

Loking for someone that works in Spanish. Peace and Glory to all.
Ayesa <>
Cozumel, QR MEXICO - 10:16:08 11/25/99
i read part of your website i was wondering if you had any spells that might be of use to me if you could send me something or a link to a site with spells i would greatly appriciate it thanks, Blessed Be!
robokid <>
USA - 17:39:03 11/03/99
Great site! I recommend it to all my fellow Witches in the WI area. Keep up the good work!!! Peace and blessings, Zenia
Zenia <>
Waterloo, WI USA - 12:28:34 11/02/99
Hi! I really enjoyed your site. I am going to add a link to my page if you don't mind.
Erin <>
Bayonne, nj USA - 14:05:49 10/28/99
Just trying to learn as much as possible about the groups, (covens), in Wisconsin. I would appreciate any info you could give me. Thanks! Blesses Be!
Deborah Gray <>
USA - 0-1:28:19 10/26/99
hey dan. write soon. cool site, but were is your artical about the fall gathering at PINKIES? john
John clement <johnajclement&>
USA - 19:54:04 10/11/99
If anyone is interested in joining an informal circle in Cottage Grove, please contact me. We've met once and are planning our second meeting on October 23. I am a Witch in the Reclaiming tradition and am very interested in creating Pagan community and practicing magic to heal both the Earth and ourselves. You don't need to have a lot of magical experience to join the circle, but you do need to be open, honest and responsible for your own actions. Right now we're open and probably will be for a while, but the idea is to eventually close the circle so we can get tighter and raise the energy level. BB Zoe Red Bear
Zoe <>
USA - 15:35:21 10/06/99
I am a solitare Wiccan. I would like to know about your state as I am contemplating moving there in the foreseeable future. I would welcome any information you can give me about Wisconsin. I am looking for a climate/weather that is mild in the summers as far as temperatures and humidity. I am currently in Cincinnati, Ohio (although originally from the snowbelt of Central NY) and after 20+ years of suffering thru the summers here, I must move to a cooler climate for my well-being. The cold and snow of your winters I'd welcome. I have always noted in my readings regarding Wiccan events that your state has an active pagan community. This is important in researching a future move. I welcome any info you would care to share with me about Wisconsin and your Wiccan community. Thanks in advance. Blessed Be.
Pam <>
USA - 19:34:43 9/25/99
i am very intersted in learning more and are there any sites on the east coast? Goddess bless, manie aka moonhawk
moonhawk <>
Manville, RI USA - 15:42:59 9/20/99
ya Hey there, This is a great Site! Dan you are THE man! It is very nice to come to a site here that has information for Wisconsin Wiccans and Pagans! I have seen several entries in your guest book looking for Pagans & Wiccans in the La Crosse area. Well we are here. I am the High Priestess (fancy title w/no power)LOL, For the Grove of the Laughing Oak Coven here in La Crosse. We have members from Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We are an eclectic Celtic coven and hold classes every Sunday. If anyone in the area is interested please contact me at the above email address, and or Check out our website (functional not excellent) at the address listed above. This is really very cool! Blessed Be & Merry Meet!
Nic Morrigan, aka LilRaven, aka Rachel, aka Rae <>
La Crosse, WI USA - 10:26:49 9/12/99
i live in illinois and i was told to come here to find out about wicca if you could email me i would like that thanks nibbles
nibbles_31617 <>
USA - 12:10:04 8/31/99
merry meet i'm new to the state glad to see that I'm not alone great site and nice picture
tchar <>
shawano, wi USA - 22:48:18 8/26/99
Hey Dan, You humble bumble you! Thanks to your site I get at *least* one inquiry a month about the UU Womens Full Moon Ritual Circle. Plus, today one person out of state was able to reconnect with me electronically because she remembered the "Spirit Pathways" page. Thanks for your contribution to the community.
Cygnet <>
Madison, WI USA - 22:41:25 8/07/99
Merry meet! i am planning to be a wiccan and is now trying to read and research about the wiccan ways inorder for me to really understand everything about it. i am very enthusiastic finding different people that could help me in my study. i am hoping that you will contact me via my e-mail so that we can have some exchange of words. i am now readying my book of shadows and my homepage will be ready in no time! Thanx to you! Blessed Be, REDFOX
USA - 22:31:20 8/02/99
I was just beginning to think that there wasn't a site for wiccans in wisconsin and then I found this one. I really liked it and there was a lot of good info on it. I'd like to hear from any other wiccans so feel free to email me
Vivien <Pinta_123>
Franklin, wi USA - 16:09:03 7/09/99
Great page, i'll have to check out more links next time. I've found myself deeply interested in the Wiccan and Pagan beliefs and rituals. And this site was great for me to learn from others in my area.
Blessed Be!!
Cali Green Bay, WI

Cali <>
USA - 22:13:51 6/22/99
Just found you while I was wandering around. If there is anyone that is from the NW (forgotten)corner of WI, I would love to hear from you. Was Studing Wicca for a few years then left all my craft on the shelve for a while. I want to take classes again. Either online or at a coven. Thank you for this site. Very informative. Blessed Be!!!
Sunrise <>
USA - 15:46:43 6/19/99
GREETINGS!!! My daughter and I are interested in learning the craft and becoming involved in wiccan ceremonies etc. If there is anyone who could lend us some information on where to turn to begin the craft, or if you would like to get together and study the faith together. BLESSED BE
Aspen <>
Eau Claire, WI USA - 11:01:30 6/15/99

Thank you for a wonderful gathering site, I hope to meet some of you soon!

Lady AshtarRose <>
Marshfield, WI USA - 01:00:46 6/12/99

Blessed Be!!!!!! I enjoyed your web sight immensely! I have always felt so alone in my beliefs, thank you....
Druanne <>
Whitewater, WI USA - 22:07:00 6/02/99
I am very happy to find your site,It is wonderful. I hope to find pagans in SW Minnesota. (Maybe I should move to Wisconsin?) Country is pretty...Hmmm.
LadyTalcara <>
LeCenter, MN USA - 0-1:04:28 5/23/99
MM All! The Milwaukee Area Pagan Group is always looking to meet others interested in positive pagan paths. Check out the web site for more info on gatherings/study groups and open circles...or send me a message. Love the site, Blessed Be! Dawn
Dawn & Milwaukee Area Pagan Group <>
Milwaukee, WI USA - 0-1:26:48 5/10/99
Very nice page. We are coming to visit your city May 11th through the 30th and it was great to have some info on things to do there. Merry Meet and Merry Part! Butterfly
Butterfly <>
Richmond, In USA - 20:29:48 5/03/99
Merry Meet!!! Glad to see this sight exsists. I was starting to think that Pagans didn't exsist in WI. I would like to start a group on the western side of the state, where Pagans can get together for fun and chat on a regular basis. If anyone out there is interested please email me. I will start a list, and would like to start sending out newsletters regarding items that are of interest to ALL. If you would like to be included in my mailing list, please email me with your request. Blessed Be! Xena Dragonflyer
Xena Dragonflyer <>
Cochrane, WI USA - 06:46:08 5/03/99
Blessed Be from a solitary, Eclectic Wiccan/Witch! )O( Goddess bless!
Kaia <>
Wausau, WI USA - 14:24:37 4/22/99
Merry Meet! Contact me if you're interesed in a coven or would just like to meet to exchange ideas. This has been a helpful site to find other Wiccans and Pagans. Thank-you.
Tatania Fairymoon <>
Eau Claire, WI USA - 11:30:30 3/26/99
My father passed away before I realized he was a Pagan married to a Catholic. It's wonderful to have discovered that I am a Pagan also. Something was always missing from my life as far as religion goes. Now I know what it was. It's such a relief to have come home. Great site. I like it because it's not so "dark." Blessed Be.
Kiva <>
FDL, WI USA - 22:25:04 3/25/99
The first Wisconsin non christian page i found!!!! Thank u Thank u!!! Im interested in any info anyone can give a wanna be witch (who will probably be a lone one when the big xtian town finds out!) Oh well, im looking for anyone in northern wisconsin who can help me out with anything on the pagan side....
DorrieTheWitch <>
WI USA - 0-1:15:56 3/21/99
I am so happy to have found your site! I have been wandering aimlessly without direction for years it would seem. Finally I’ve found the site where I can get the straight bullshit! Well-met and happy day to all me fellow pagans. Remember that the “geek” shall inherit the earth! Where the hell is Wizconsin anyway?
Dirty-dude <>
USA - 10:11:14 3/20/99
WOW! Been in WI for almost two years and NOW I find yer site. Am glad to know, I am not the only pagan in this strange new frontier, and am also glad to see the smiling and happy energies of the pagans in the surrounding areas. Merry met and brightest blessings of the goddess upon all of you.
BearWolf <mahrrek@lakefield,net>
Manitowoc, WI USA - 00:44:36 3/13/99
I'm suprised to find such a wonderful collection of pagan information for Wisconsin. Especially since a friend and I are always argueing over the fact that he doesn't believe that there are as many thing to do in Wisconsin as there are in Chicago. I do have to say that I have noticed that there are some links that don't work on this site. Sorry to have to point that out. BiPagan
BiPagan <>
Kenosha, WI USA - 16:53:13 3/11/99
Blessed Be!
Johanna <>
London, On Canada - 15:50:29 3/11/99
Nice to have visited your site. Its very helpful and informative. Why don't you and your guests visit my site at I have an on line Pagan mail-order magickal supply catalog. Come visit Blessed Be Artie
Artie <>
New York, NY USA - 14:05:10 3/01/99
I am so glad someone I met (in a christian chat room no less) gave me this web site address. I have been hunting for info. on organizations in my area for some time now and have finally succeded. Thank you for this site. Blessed be!
nfws <>
stoughton, Wi USA - 2/25/99
I came. I saw. I commented. Maybe I'll start cooking up ugly award graphics for those without any. Ravan
Ravan Asteris <>
Cupertino, CA USA -
HYA, we came here from oregon to help create an event patterned after the Oregon Country Fair The fair will be 30 this summer 1999 and it's crowded out there. It is a very amazing example of alternatives of all sorts.Being born in wisconsin i have always hoped to bring a family festival for us all back here. We found a site up in sawyer county and started to proceed with the permit process.Everything was working well when all of a sudden some of the local uptight squad attacked on all fronts.Attempting to threaten and intimidate us out of their county.Well not wanting to fight we ran. Now we have over 100 venders,75 entertainment acts,100's of volunteers and many,many,many people who want to exhibit ,hold workshops or just buy tickets. For the actual details of the event check it out here at It has the basic info,our emailis and our ICQ is #29285737 If anyone knows of a site please let us know asap. We at first were planning on it being 11 daze long with over 10,000 people but now with no site we are saying to cut it to one weekend and only 3,500 people. We need at least 30 acres mostly field with some woods.)* Letz make this thing something we can all gather around regardless of our costume in life! happy trailzs my personal mail if you want to get me !)*
Whoohah <>
earth, USA -
Wonderful site, unfortunatly not very helpful for us small town, middle of no-where solitaries. Hopefully there are others out there in a similar situation that would like to contact me. Have been on my path for about 1 year now and am desperately seeking any new information not currently offered on the "Net". To the creator of this way nice site! You are a very humorus person keep up the excellent work. Have a perfect Imbolic!!!
hykavysha <>
Neillsville, WI USA -
Howdy all. Since 1996 the Geak Squad has been educating others in various aspects of the ways of the ancient ones. We also take pride in helping others as much as we can. We take donations in all forms. Used clothes, food, housing & rides for the poor, money, and prayer for those who can do no more. Please contact us by e-mail for more information. We also enjoy outdoor activities and hanging with fellow witches. I don't know what else to say except Untied we stand and divided we fall...forever true Rosebud1250...
Hello! It was very nice meeting you at the party. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and am impressed with all the work you have done towards organizing. I read your guest book and my jaw dropped when I saw the first dates were in 1996. I wish I had been open to being introduced to computers much sooner. And, I regret it took so long to find the Pagan connections even then. I was first initiated into Wicca in 1975 and really wish I had this type of tool when I was busy organizing the community. Thanks for taking the baton and doing such a good job! Linda
Linda <>
USA - Monday, January 18, 1999 at 20:12:43 (MST
Well, I'm a solitary Eclectic Witch. My web site is called Astral Light and has been around since 1996. I'm in the Wausau, WI, area. Blessed Be! )O(
RiverOwl <>
Wausau, WI USA - Monday, January 11, 1999 at 22:26:13 (MST
I just moved back to Wisconsin, I wonder if anyone knows a great regressionist in my area? Looking for someone who is easy to trust and not too freaky. Several of my relatives are excited about the idea of a group regression. I am also interested in truely gifted party pschics in the area, let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.
starstarnite <>
Oshkosh, WI USA - Sunday, January 03, 1999 at 17:24:23 (CST)
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