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Other Online Calendars

There used to be just the one. As of January 9, 2002, there are two others. One general, one is store-specfic. For various reasons, many events in both of them are not repeated in Spiritbase, and vice-versa. If you want to be as well-informed as possible about spiritual and related events in Wisconsin, you'll have to check them all. I'm sorry about that, but that's the way two-leggeds are. As a species, we have difficulty organizing well. For many of these people, it's hard enough just getting all this stuff in one place and then entering all that info again, one at a time, into Pathways' calendar is something they'd like to do but just can't, not on a regular basis. On one hand, it's a bit frustrating. On the other... well, I can remember a time back before the turn of the century when there was one interesting event happening every three or four months, and we'd drive for a few hours to get there. The fact that there are so many things going on in so many places, so often, testifies that the times are a-changin. :-)

I'll post them all here as I learn about them.

The Calendar.
Send in your event and they'll post it. A wide variety of events; pagan
, political, green. Milwaukee-based, though the events are from all over Wisconsin.

The Mimosa Events Calendar
Classes, speakers, workshops, and other events held at Mimosa Bookstore in Madison

The Singing Wolf Center Workshops Calendar
Workshops and events happening at Singing Wolf Center in Lake Geneva.
Harmony Tribe Regional Events Calendar
For regional and Twin Cities Pagan events and events that may be of interest to Pagans (including entertainment, drumming, lectures, political events, ecology, even your own groups meetings if open to the public). You need a password to post, but will offer it freely to group representatives and individuals.

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