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We're sorry but this drum circle ceased meeting several years ago. I'm keeping this page around because I like to remember that circle.


Please Note: The Madison Shamanic Drumming Circle is no more. If you'd like to start one, feel free to use anything on this page as a template. Even though it's disbanded, many of the people who formed its core are still around, and it lasted from the mid-1970's to the early 2000's. Twenty or thirty years ain't bad. :-)

Remember: none of this is current any more. I don't know of any Shamanic Drum Circles in the area any more, which definitely does NOT mean there aren't any. I'm just not as in touch as I used to be.

The Madison Shamanic Drumming Circle has gone through a bit of a change. The major changes are:

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 PM The second Sunday of every month. Please come promptly, the outside door is locked at 6:00 PM.

Place: 301 South Bedford Street, at the Tai Chi Center.
Directions: S. Bedford empties into North Shore Drive, at the point where North Shore meets John Nolen Drive. North Shore turns into Regent Street when it crosses West Washington Ave. The Tai Chi Center is a large brick buiding at the corner of S. Bedford and North Shore Drive. It has a large painted sign on its side, advertising a long-departed tentmaking company. The door is always locked, but someone usually opens it about 5:45. If it's not open by then, just wait. Someone will be along. The door is locked shortly after six, so it will be difficult to get in if you arrive late.

Shamanism is an ancient cross cultural phenomenon practiced by indigenous peoples long before the beginnings of modern-day religions. However, Shamanism is not a religion, it is an intimate way of deepening our connection to Spirit, ourselves, our community and the natural world around us. By learning the technique of journeying we learn how to access the wisdom and knowledge of teachers, power animals and spirit helpers. Drumming and rattling is used to support the journeying process.

This is a community circle open to anyone who has at least a little experience shamanism. It is our purpose to create a safe, peaceful space where drumming and the practice of shamanic journeying can be explored.

We ask for a $4.00 donation to pay for rent and supplies. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring drums and/or rattles if you have them.

For more info on Shamanism and drumming try this:

The Madison Shamanic Drum Circle disbanded in 2002. All contact info is now obsolete.

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