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Links to Larger Places

I don't have a whole lot of time to find the best pagan and alternative spirituality pages on the net.
I have even less time to put them up in a decent looking links page.
Fortunately, I don't have to. Here's some folks who do have the time, and they use it very well. Some of them even have links to Spirit Pathways. There are countless pages on the web devoted to paganism, alternative religion and spirituality. Here are several who try to list them all. I think they come pretty close.

It has not escaped my notice that many people find Spirit Pathways with either a Yahoo or Webcrawler search on "Shamanism", "Shaman", or "Shamanic Drumming". Since a check of those search engines doesn't produce much else, I offer this page to those who wish to learn more about it. It contains more info than I've found anywhere else on the web.

Coven of the Rose Moon
A wonderful group of people, the site changes quite a bit more than this one.

Circle in the Sand (Formerly the High Plains Pagan and Magick Page.)
You'll see this site linked from just about every alternative spiritual site on the Web. The reasons are obvious when you get there.

Gaia Mind
If you missed the Global Meditation for World Peace, or just want to know something more about what went on, check here for some info on it, and other events in the making.

Pagan Best of the Web
Like the name says, they find the best, and tell you how to get there. An excellent service, and some fine graphics free for the taking.

The Witch's Little Black Book
More Links to just about anwhere. Alphabetized, with a clickable alphabet menu. I don't believe Pathways is a global-type of Website, so I only registered through Yahoo and WebCrawler, joined the WebCircle, and that was just about it. I don't know how it ended up on this list, but I'm certainly happy someone thought enough of it to register it for me.

Home of Esoteric and Arcane Philosophy.

A Masterpiece
This one is not your average wiccan or pagan site. I also have a soft spot for anyone who'll throw Pathways into their favorite links section. :-)

Ravyn's Lair
This page here is fast becoming a list of other sites who've linked to Spirit Pathways. If I wasn't the boss, I'd have a talk with me in my office. Ravyn lives in New York, and is thinking about transferring to UW Madison. Let her know if you think she ought to do it.

The Pathway
How many spiritual sites on the web with "pathway" in their name? I suppose it's not as huge a list as it could be. Still...maybe I should have chosen something more local. Oh well.

MetaCrawler search:
any    all    as a phrase
If you've made it all the way through the page and still haven't found what you're looking for, I guess you need more help. MetaCrawler searches through Yahoo, WebCrawler, Lycos, Excite, and I think a few more engines, then gives you the results. Kind of like running four or five searches at the same time. Remember to click the correct button for the keywords. I generally search on a whole phrase, so I have that one selected.
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