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Wisconsin Merchants

Here is where you send information to me, to either add a new merchant listing or update current information.

Note: This update is not direct. This form is mailed to me, and I make the changes as soon as I can. Usually, that's within a couple days. Depends on how much chaos there is around us at the time.

They have to: A) exist, B) be in Wisconsin and C) have resources useful to pagans and others of an alternative spiritual lifestyle.
I have to: Be able to find them somehow or other. If you don't give me a phone number, URL, or email address to make sure, (please don't make me use snailmail) or if you typo and I can't find 'em, they don't go in.
If the info doesn't apply, leave it blank. Fill in what you can.

Your Name:
Your email address:
Merchant's Name:
Street address: Zip:
Phone Number: ()
Their email address:
Home Page:
So, what do you like about it? What do they sell? Do they keep odd hours? Are they hard to find? How's the prices?
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