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Wisconsin Powwows

I used to surf the powwow sites and search the Wisconsin Tourism Site, and I'd come up with a pretty slim and undependable list.

Then I found Indian Country News, and my honey bought me a subscription for my birthday. :-) Once a year or so, they publish a Pow-Wow directory, and although they would prefer we subscribed to their publication, they have granted me permission to list the powwows in their publication here - as long as I limit it to 60 days in advance. So here's what I'll be doing:

I started by listing all Powwows through April, 2000. Somewhere around the first of April, I'll post May's list. That will keep me within the 60 day limit, and frankly, typing in a month's worth of listings at a time is just fine with me. Data Entry was never my favorite pastime. :-)

They're in the Calendar. You can view all of them by going to the search section and typing in the single word "powwow" with no spaces. That's how I entered them. You can also search on the word "pow" to see if anyone else may have entered one with the wrong spelling, but that will also get you any listing with the word "power" in it. :-)

However, I strongly suggest that if you really want to keep apprised of the Powwows and Native American activity in Wisconsin, you subscribe to Indian Country News, or pick up a copy next time you're in a Native shop. :-)