Wisconsin Spirit Pathways Each faith is another path up the same Mountain, and a branch of the same Tree.  May you find here what you seek. May your mind stay ever open.
There's a lot of reasons but they all boil down to

"I've had some problems and the website isn't needed anymore anyway."

That doesn't apply to the calendar!

That's database-driven and I don't have to update it, although if it breaks and it's not easily fixable I don't know what I'll do. Fortunately it's been working just fine for the last three years without a problem so I don't think that will be an issue. I wrote it - from scratch, thank you - for that very purpose. You can still add events, and events will still disappear after their date. (If you're thinking of taking up where I've left off, you can have the code but be aware it's written in Miva Script and the only host I know of, anywhere, that has it for free is Esosoft. I shoulda used PHP but I was in a hurry.)

In fact I'm leaving the whole site as it was when I stopped updating it. Actually a lot of this stuff is still current. The wisconsin pagan mailing list is still going strong. The Deeply Rooted community is alive and well.

So's Circle Sanctuary and just about all the Wisconsin Listings in Witchvox.

For info on Wisconsin spirituality, I suggest those. You are also welcome to check out all the groups and other listings on this website. There's a good chance most of 'em are still there.

Still reading? Okay. I'll try to explain. In 1995 I tried to find people of my own spiritual path in Wisconsin, on the web. Couldn't find one blessed thing. At the same time I was learning HTML, wanted to put up my own website but couldn't come up with an original idea.

Why I went on for weeks without connecting those two thoughts, I don't know. But it wasn't until one late night just before a final exam that it finally occurred to me, and Pathways began as one web page.

Then I got out of college. That didn't slow things down much. But then I got into this relationship, see, and then we bought a house, and then my daughter got married, and then Dad died, and then WE got married, and that darling little house needed a new bathroom so we did most of it ourselves, and that got me going again on woodworking, and then my Mother-in-law needed some help, and... well to tell the truth it's been just about non-stop for the last couple years, the website fell by the wayside and I just don't have the time. I've also lost a lot of the inclination, given the (comparatively) increased pagan population around here. There's yahoo groups, everybody's got their own website, and Witchvox is doing a good job of cataloging everybody. Pathways doesn't serve the same need anymore, and I've got other projects.

I should have put this notice up long ago and I apologize for that. But here it is now, and we're going to have to deal with things as they are.

Of course, feel free to email me with thoughts and complaints. The complaints won't change things, but I'll read 'em. If you've got the urge to take over the reins, you can have everything here and I'll link to your site. Can't have the domain name, sorry. It's my main email address.

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Helping people in the Wisconsin Community find each other since 1995. Read the Disclaimer.

If you're curious about the "fair and balanced" thing, it's a response to Fox News lawsuit against Al Franken's publisher over Al's new book.

Groups, congregations, celebrations, covens, gatherings, workshops, rituals, drummings, ceremonies, and activities in general, throughout the state of Wisconsin.
If you'd like to link to this website, there is only one rule: go right ahead.

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Mystic Site of the Web Award

This site was intended for the Madison, Wisconsin community, but has grown to include information from many other areas. The statistics, as of February, 2001, indicate this site gets approximately 65 unique visitors a day. If you know of anything that should be here but isn't, by all means let me know!

Witnessing: Although I have received very little in the way of Christians attempting to save my soul by bringing me back to the ways of the Church, many of my internet aquaintances and several "real world" friends have had run-ins with well-intentioned but rather rude and poorly informed individuals. To this end, I offer the excellent essay, How to Share the Gospel with Pagans by Gwydion. It makes good reading for Pagans and Christians alike.

Speaking of reading, have you ever had to explain that you weren't a Satanist to anybody? Then, if you have the time to download a cartoon, you might like this...

List of Contents

We have two new additions to announce, as of Friday, April 02, 1999:
The SpiritBase Calendar and the Writings sections.
the interactive, searchable events calendar for Wisconsin and surrounding states. You search it, you enter events, you benefit. I watch and try to fix the little bugs. (smile)
Devoted to articles, papers, and rants by members of the local Spirit Community.
and organizations in Madison and other areas of Wisconsin. This is the page that started it all. Spirit Pathways used to be just this page. Now it's a monster that just won't stop.(smile)
Indexed by town or area.
and access to people, information snd places. These are bulletin boards, books, and local web sites that hopefully will help if you can't find what you're looking for. Things like "Miracle, Janesville's White Buffalo" end up in here since they don't fit into the organizations category.
Wisconsin Merchants
People in Wisconsin who sell things you might be interested in. If there's someone you know who should be there, let me know by filling out the form. You'll find the link at the top of the page.
The obligatory Guestbook.
Use this to comment on the site one way or the other, or if you want to quickly put up an announcement. Give me permission to use the data in the main pages, and I'll put it up as soon as time permits.
This is a local-content site, in case you haven't noticed yet. However, a few general sites have seen fit to link to pathways, and others are excellent resources for general pagan and alternative spiritual information. There aren't very many (I'm assuming you know how to hunt for them), but my favorites are here, and there are a few links to resource sites in the Midwest area. We might, someday, form into a loose organization of sorts.
While you're checking out the place, clicking on this image here will bring you back to this page.Pathways small logo
I've already seen this logo popping up on a few sites, and I'm flattered and pleased. However, the above image was created for a light background, and for some strange reason a lot of pagan sites tend to have dark backgrounds which makes that one look as jaggy as the one below does on this page... It looks a lot better against black. You're free to use either one, as long as it's linked to this page.
spirit pathways

What do I look like?

Now that you've made it this far, I suppose you'd like to know a little more about me. Normally my first reaction to a photo of myself is to leap at it and tear it up. This particular picture, however is one that does not provoke that reaction, and indeed gives you an idea of how much work it is to come up with all these page design ideas, and to keep a relationship, school, and what remains of a social life up in the air all at once.

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